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January 2001

High Chair Time

"We were just too tired to eat!"

Cassie knows how to give a good crusty.

Elena was not going to let go of the Zwieback Toast!

Cheerios are just magnetically attracted to our girls.

Life on the Floor

Dog-Piling Mom (Note: Elena has cut top teeth, but they are not like they look in this picture. We think that the flash reflected off of her gums. She does look pretty funny!

"I know how to sit now!"

Drew is "studying the paper."

Drew is learning how to pull himself up on the stool

Lane is working on the stool, too.

We know who Cassie cheers for!

Andrew stole his sister's shoe.

Aunt Marcie's Wedding

"I love my new tie!"

Mom's favorite picture of Drew.

Just back from the wedding.

7 BABIES ON THE COUCH!! Dane's brother, Cade, brought his two boys and Dane's niece Jessica brought her girl and boy. It was quite a weekend.

(L-R) Cassandra, Gabe, Adam, Tyler, Andrew, Emma, Elena.


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