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It's Our First Birthday!

February 15, 2001

"Hey Mom, isn't it a little early for the flash?"

Elena is surprised by Mom's constant singing of "Happy Birthday".

Cassie always wakes up pretty chipper in the morning.

After Mom dressed us she made us pose.

Cassie's playing with the new "See and Say."

We are all just playing with our new toys.

Yes, Drew is cool.

Elena's hanging out on Grandpa Claudio soon after he arrived.

"Wow! What a cool ball! (And...check out the spit-up on my vest!)"

Grandpa with the girls.

We went to Applebees to celebrate the birthdays. Here Cassie is enjoying her Cheerios.

A view of our table.

"Check out my teeth!"

"Did you get a good look?"

"What are you looking at?".

Elena was really tired and had a rough night. Here she is with Mom who is trying to calm her down.

Did you see Mom's new haircut? Lane gets freaked out by the flash so she blinks for pictures often, as displayed here.

Lane started to feel better towards the end of the night.

Dane dared our nephew, Jon, to eat the babies' food. Here our niece, Sydnie, is doing the honors.


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