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Photos from March 24, 2000 - April 4, 2000


3/29--Andrew all bundled up


4/4--Cassie was laying in her isolette and looking like she was praying. She had both hands together and up to her face. She just can't wait to get to church!!


3/24--Elena's photo shoot

3/24--Elena's photo shoot--closeup

Andrew and Cassie

3/29--Andrew and Cassie were co-bedded in Cassie's bed. It was quite a scene. We put Andrew in hoping that it would calm him down since he likes to be cuddled if he is awake. (He has not figured out that he is a triplet.) When we put Andrew in he spit up all over Cassie. So, we took Andrew out, cleaned them both up and then put Andrew back in with Cassie. Then Cassie spit up, but it was facing away from Andrew. So, the look of confusion and disgust on Cassie's face is real. Andrew loved it, though. Cassie did eventually warm up to the idea and when she woke up to see Andrew was gone she was even more confused! We can do this co-bedding once or twice a day as tolerated. Elena cannot get in on the action since she is still in isolation because of the bacteria in her respirator tube.


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