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Baby #4

Ultrasound on October 2, 2003

Shot of the face. Lorena calls this the alien look..

Shot of the legs. You can see the feet on the left. You can also see one of the arms at the top along with the belly to the right.

In this picture of the face, the baby's mouth is open.

The arm is on the bottom left with the head on the right.

The baby is waving to us. Her face is on the left and arm is held up on the right.

These are her cute little feet. You can make out the toes at the top.

This is a nice profile shot. You can make out the umbilical cord on the middle right, leaving her belly.

This is Lorena's favorite shot. She is sucking her thumb (on the left). On the right, you can see her legs, they were very tightly crossed. That is why we are only pretty sure it is a girl, not 100% sure.



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